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4 days to go

i know i haven't posted much lately but i have been doing well on both the detox and work outs.  still eating clean primarily chicken, spinach, salad and fish.  i did have 4 tortilla chips the other day.  i am shooting for a couple more pounds before the 21 days is up.  i'm excited for saturdays event

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i had this big long post almost ready to go and i hit the back space button in the wrong place and lost it all.. i'm unwilling to retype the whole darn thing so the just of it is i screwed up friday night and had a couple drinks. got back on track first thing sat morning with a bomb ass work out and continued eating healthy foods and intense training through tonight.  Mike is supporting me by also ditching the booze.  great results so far on the 21 day detox ...  I've dropped 8.3lbs so…


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workout/nutrition 4/5

breakfast 2 cups black coffe, 2 strips of turkey bacon (i made the mistake of putting it in my mouth before reading the ingredients...3rd item on the list...SUGAR)

lunch 2 small pork ribs 5 spears asparagus 2 hard boiled eggs

dinenr 4 oz talapia grilled in a little butter, sauteed onios-bell peppers-mushrooms, baby spinach drizzled with home made dressing (olive oil with an italian herbs and celery salt)

dessert small portion of spaghetti squash... yummy …


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workout/nutrition 4/4

nutrition: breakfast - black coffee, lunch - grilled chicken salad with some cubed bell peppers, onion and 1 hardboiled egg. didn't get a chance to make a dressing so i used an approved sugar free dijon mustard... didn't make me gag so i guess it was ok. pre work out snack (i was starving) cheese stick and a little tuna right out of the can.  post workout dinner 6oz sirloin seasoned only with salt and pepper, 1 cup steamed broccoli and carrots and a side salad with a little bit of grated…


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worout/nutrition log 4/2 & 4/3

4/2 workout 10-9-8-7 etc. to 1 total of 55 reps each exercise double thrusters, burpees and pull ups  nutrition tons of water... skipped breakfast, 2 small cups of black coffee, lunch 1 large avacado grilled chicken thigh and leg  dinner/post work out 3 bbq pork short ribs (no sauces just a little salt and chili powder) 5 spears grilled asparagus... why does your pee smell funny after asparagus?? :?

4/3  workout 100 2 handed swings w/32kg 100 1 hand swings w/20kg 100 H2H swings w/20kg…


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12/13 nutrition/workout log

nutrition... suplements include metabodrene, fish oil and calcium... tons of water.. 9am 3 egg (only one yolk) olmlet with left over asparagus and 2 strips of turkey bacon, post work out 10 oz Green Bolthouse drink (mix of fruits veggies and other bad stuff) 1 tblspn peanut butter a small chunk of left over fish (not as good cold or with peanut butter)  dinner 7oz pork loin 1 cup cooked spinach, cooked in real butter seasoned with pepper and garlic salt  ... 1 mixed drink with vodka and…


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12/12 training/nutrition log

breakfast... 5oz skirt steak 1 egg over easy ... snack about a dozen corn tortilla chips with salsa  post workout dinner... 1 small avacado seasoned with pepper and a little lime, about 6 sprigs of steamed asparagus 1 fish fillet (pacific snapper- wild caught) approx. 6oz 1 glass cabernet

training 12TGU's 12kg thru 28kg 100 swings w/28kg in a tabata set, 100 H2H w/ 20kg  100 BW squats 100 swings w/ 40kg  700 down for the week 800 to go.

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12/9 and 12/10 we wont talk about 12/11 amnesty day

12/9 training 9TGU's 100 hindu squats 100 2-handed swings w/32kg 100 1 handed swing 20kg   900 total so far 

nutrition  metabodrene, fish oil, calcium lots of water

1 cup coffee (black yucky but needed to wake up) (12:30ish) post work out 3 egg (only used 1 yolk) spinach olmlet large grilled chicken breast dinner large chicken ceaser salad..home made only used salad, chicken and dressing  2 bud  lights

12/10  training 10TGU's total of 5 2min30sec sets of DHS @ 30RPS…


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12/8 training/nutrition

am 1 cup coffee black (kinda yucky tasting but woke me up)  lunch chef salad with a little bit of ranch  dinner... about 4oz steak cooked on the ol foreman, zuchini (i think i spelt that wrong) with onion cooked in coconut oil  tons of water and 1 bud light (don't judge me... at least it doesn't say 1 six pack)

training 8 TGU's 12kg thru 24kg each X's 2 reps  3 tabata sets of swings (ouch... it's been a while) 100 reps per set... 1 handed w/ 20kg; 2 handed with 28kg; hand 2 hand w/…


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12/6 & 7

12/6 6 TGU 16kg thru 24kg  wanted to preserve the hands a little so i did some squats... 200 hindu squats and 200 regular squats.. 

nutrition  am 2 eggs 2 strips of bacon afternoon grilled chicken breast and romaine salad  dinner 1 1/2 tacos 1 shrimp the half was chicken in corn tortillas.. small serving of rice and beans

12/7 amnesty day  nutrition went to hell today.

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12/5 nutrition/work out

breakfast 1 cup coffee w/ creamer, 2 eggs, 2 thick slices bacon

lunch 1 carne asada taco in a corn tortilla

dinner homemade chicken ceasar salad with an avacado and a little bit of ranch dressing

training 11AM sport class. DHS (double half snatch) w/ a pair of 12KG.. 4 two minute sets @ 12 RPM with 2 minutes rest between sets... Double LC Clean n jerk w/ a pair of 12KG @ 7 RPM 2 two minute sets with 2 min rest between ... 4 TGU

7PM 5 TGU 200 swings varied style…


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work out 5/10 & 5/11

5/10  warm up with TGU's 12kg thru 24kg

10 rounds - (6 done with the 20kg other 4 w/16kg)

10 snatches L/R

10 ring pushups



took it fairly light in sport class.. only did one 10 minute set of jerks.. 75 reps per hand!!


5 rounds 

15 heavy 2 handed swings (32kg)

10 knees to elbows

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sport class plus

5/9  Awesome day in sport class today.. new PR.. snatch 71 reps per hand and jerk 70 reps per hand..  previous max was 63-65 for 8 minute sets (4min per arm)  today I was able to push through to 9 min set (4:30 per hand) and hit a few more reps.. felt great to accomplish this goal.  i also did a 7 min set of each @ 55 reps total per hand on each lift...

later i returned for 12 minutes of sprints and 4 rounds of heavy lifts

5 double 20KG presses

5 pull ups

5 double…


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work out 5/6 & 7

took day off on Cinco

5/6  progressive work out

3 times through this

30 sec swing (1handed w/20kg)

30 sec rest

30 sec swing

30 sec mountain climber

30 sec rst

30 sec swing

30 sec mountain climber

30 sec SDHP (w28kg)

30 sec rest

30 sec swing

30 sec mountain climber

30 sec SDHP

30 sec burpees


5/7  4 rounds

50 swings 1-handed w/ 20kg

40 push ups

run 440…


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started with Jerks today

8 min set @ 63 reps per arm

2 min reset

6 min set @ 50 reps per arm

2 min reset

4 min set @ 35 reps per arm

Total 148 reps per arm - steady increase in numbers



8 min set @ 63 res per arm

2 min reset

6 min set @ 48 reps per arm

Total 111 reps per arm


I was smoked after work out on 5/3

5/3 4 minute sets of




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sport class..

I've been working on the biathalon (snatches, jerks and cleans for 10 minute sets) with the 12kg  today I was able to work for max 4:45 sec per hand on the snatches before the grip gave out.. total of 67L/67R in first attempt  moved to 4 min sets per hand and was able to do 56L/56R for a total of 246 reps..  then I worked on the jerk.. trying to get the timing down and proper double dip.. working at about 18 RPM for 6 min set and 4 min set..

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work out 4/14 and 4/15

4/14  7 rounds

7 double cleans w/20kg

7 double press alternated 20kg and 16kg

7 pull ups (last 3 sets assisted pull ups)

7 double front squats w/ 20kg



5 rounds

snatches 15L/15R

20 tire jumps

run .25 miles...

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work out 3/24

12 minutes 40 yrd sprints

5 rounds

12 suitcase lifts

8 dbl cleans

6 dbl push presses

4 pull ups

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work out 3/21

11 am kettlebell sport lifting class.  we focused on LC jerk.  I am working with the 24kg in an effort to acheive S-24 ranking.  This will undoubtedly carry over to the biatholon with the 16kg and 20kg, I will however have to work on preserving my grip if I am ever to acheive those rankings

 6pm warm up with 12 minutes of 40yard sprints.  I felt much quicker than I used to be... 

5 rounds

5 double front KB squats

5 double KB presses

5 pull-ups



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