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nutrition... suplements include metabodrene, fish oil and calcium... tons of water.. 9am 3 egg (only one yolk) olmlet with left over asparagus and 2 strips of turkey bacon, post work out 10 oz Green Bolthouse drink (mix of fruits veggies and other bad stuff) 1 tblspn peanut butter a small chunk of left over fish (not as good cold or with peanut butter)  dinner 7oz pork loin 1 cup cooked spinach, cooked in real butter seasoned with pepper and garlic salt  ... 1 mixed drink with vodka and pineapple juice (not frozen)

work out.. noon  13 TGU's 16kg thru 28kg 3 times each 4 times w/ the 16kg... 2 tabata sets swings 1 set with 28kg other set 1 handed w/ 20kg

7pm  10 min set @ 15rpm catch and release with the 24kg (first 30 reps w/ 20kg) 10 min set H2H w/ 20kg @ 15 rpm 5 minute set w/ 40kg @ 5 rpm and 25 reps with 24kg H2H  total swings today 600  only 200 to go for the week.

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