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After doing only swings and TGU for the past 3 weeks todays workout was a little harder than I anticipated!

And yes Jim....I should of done level 3! Next time!!!

Can't remember the exact #'s but it went something like this:
40 Box-jumps
20 Pull-ups
400 yd run

30 Box-jumps
16 Pull-ups
400 yd run

20 Box-Jumps
12 Pull-ups
400 yd run

10 Box-jumps
8 Pull-ups
400 yd run


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20 min of TGU alternating between the 18,26 and 35

500 Swings
Using the 18 (one-armed swings)
Using the 26(release or chest taps or claps)
Using the 35(normal swings or release)
Using the 44(normal swings)

1,000 swings the past 2 days!!!
2,000 for the "week"

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20 min TGU
400 Swings

400 out of 2,000 for the week

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WHOO-HOO!!!! So I just added up my swings for the week HOPING that I got close to my 1,500 (plus 100 extra from last week that I didn't get done) and I did 1,635 total!!! YEAH!!!

15 min TGU- 3 sets of 5 min each with mainly the 26
600 swings-used the 18 quite a bit tonight with one-arm swings and the 26 doing release and clap swings.

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Tues 8-31

Not quite the workout that I THOUGHT I did but still worked hard non the less!
15 Turkish get ups
280 swings

TONS more to go til I reach 1,500

Added by Pam Benedick on August 31, 2010 at 9:39pm — 1 Comment

Monday 8-30

15 min turkish get-ups~ getting a little easier with the 35.

430 swings.

Tried as hard as I could to do 20 a minute alternating between the 18, 26,35 and 44 and did 2 consecutive rounds with that before I had to take a couple min break.
700 out of 1,500 swings down for the week plus 55 out of 100 that I am making up from last week.

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Thursday 8-26

Today was the start of my "week"
15 min of turkish get-ups. Whoo-hoo did 2 of them with the 35. And didn't have to strain as hard with them!

325 swings out of 1,500 (plus 25 extra a day to make up for the ones I didn't do last week)
These swings have been really tough on me for some reason. It's all I can do just to get through them! But I did!!!

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I know that every once in awhile there are days when your workout sucks and today was one of those day for me.

10 min Turkish get-ups

200 swings

Needed to do 325 but just could not muster up the strength to do it today. Will need to make them up tomorrow. I start 1,500 swings for the week tomorrow. I WILL be up to it!!!

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Monday 8-23

10 min Turkish Get-ups

225 Swings with the 44 (25 of them with the 35 doing releases)

675 out of 1,000 done for the week!

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Friday Aug 20th

Was totally inspired by Sofia today. She is amazing. Made me feel a little inadequate but I know not to compare! Also having my daughter there today made my concentration level a little less than normal. Oh well.....I am glad that I at least got to get in a great workout!

50 swings

50 push-ups (had to do most of them the wussy girly way. But did more boy ones than I normally do)

50 ring-rows

50 swings

50 swings

50 knees to elbows

50 presses… Continue

Added by Pam Benedick on August 20, 2010 at 2:28pm — 1 Comment

Thursday Aug 19th

Start of my 3 week program:
10 minutes of turkish get-ups alternating between the 18 and 26 and using the 35 on my last one.
300 swings out of 1,000 for the week.

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Todays workout kicked my butt....I am feeling jello-legged.

21 thrusters-each arm
21 assisted pull-ups

15 thrusters each arm
15 assisted pull-ups

9 thrusters-each arm
9 assisted pull-ups

Oh and turkish get-ups as a warm-up. Did my last one with the 35 again today. Felt good!!!

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10 Rounds of:
5 presses each L/R-all with the 26lb. (YEAH!!)
5 assisted pull-ups on #6
5 Goblet Squats with the 18lb.

Not bad considering the ol back has been on the tweakish side lately. Ready to be me again!

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Foam Rolling

Today ended up being a full-on foam rolling day today. And I am feeling 99% better this evening. Just what I needed today Jim! Thanks!!! Loved that pain ball. Almost made me throw-up but oh so good!!

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Went in today to do my 10 ladders and it was not to be. But instead of walking away like I probably normally would of Jim still gave me a great workout!
8 rounds of:
3 Presses (L/R)
5 K2E
8 Goblet Squats

Tried to press that menacing 35 and it is still eluding me......I WILL CONQUER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ran 1.5 miles today. It's been 8 weeks since I have gone running. Felt great. I really think that it's because of the kettlebells that I could go and run even after it's been a while!

Added by Pam Benedick on August 3, 2010 at 10:20pm — 1 Comment


8 Ladders today. MUCH better on the presses with the new Kettlebells. 10 ladders coming up! Can't wait!!!

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July 30th

Thought today would be an "easier" day. 6 problem...piece of cake...right?? WRONG!!! For the 1st couple of ladders I pressed double 26lb which was awesome and then Jim gave me the new blue kettlebell and told me to press that. THAT THING KICKED MY BUTT! Finally found my "sweet spot" on my right side but still am trying to find it on my left. Pushed as hard as I could but couldn't get it up a couple of times. That's ok. I will not let it beat me. Watch out're next!!!!

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July 29th

5 minutes of Turkish Get-ups (did these all with a 26lb which is a 1st for me)

20 min of Max Rounds of:

~9 swings

~7 knees to elbows (or in my case knees to belly or however high I could get them)

~5 ring rows

~3 burpees ( and I did all of these with man push-ups or a somewhat distorted variation of them, at least did not go to my knees...and that is HUGE for me)

Did 10 rounds.....when Jim told me that I was 16 minutes in I thought...great, 1 more round,,and… Continue

Added by Pam Benedick on July 29, 2010 at 11:07pm — 1 Comment


Day #6 of detox



3 chicken saus



Went to Idaho Pizza for lunch.......had a large green salad with lots of veggies and some cheese and sunflower seeds. A little bit of a hard time not having dressing but it was ok. REALLY missing my soda today! Did have one slice of canadian pizza toppings pulled off the crust and cut up on my salad. Tried to get off as much sauce as I could.



worked on sport class…


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