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5 minutes of Turkish Get-ups (did these all with a 26lb which is a 1st for me)

20 min of Max Rounds of:
~9 swings
~7 knees to elbows (or in my case knees to belly or however high I could get them)
~5 ring rows
~3 burpees ( and I did all of these with man push-ups or a somewhat distorted variation of them, at least did not go to my knees...and that is HUGE for me)

Did 10 rounds.....when Jim told me that I was 16 minutes in I thought...great, 1 more round,,and then he got time for two more rounds. Seriously did not think that I could do it but I did! Thank you Jim for pushing me past what I "think" I can do!!!

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Comment by Jim B on July 29, 2010 at 11:09pm
You rocked it today. Lots of progress this past month, and you are just starting!

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