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Pam Benedick's Blog – October 2010 Archive (9)


Had little time today so I did essentially 40 presses per arm.
Did 7-9 a minute. Guess thats ok.
Shoulder bugging me a little so going to take it easy the next couple of days and ice it some. Didn't do swings today...felt kinda weird doing my ladder sets and not doing the swings!

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Did 5 min warm up of turkish get-ups with 26 and 35
5 ladders today
1st press (push-press) with 35 with 4 count down
other presses with 26
10 swings in-between

Then did 5 min of snatches to get the heart rate pumping

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5 min warm up of clean and jerks ( I still really suck at these)
5 min warm up with snatches

11 rounds in 26 minutes of
~3 per arm clean, squat and press
~20 swings

Good workout!

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So I started my ladder sets today.

1 press L/R with the 35 (push-press)

10 swings with the 44

2 presses L/R with the 26

10 swings

3 presses w/26

10 swings

4 presses L/R

10 swings

Then Jim challenged me to do 100 snatches without stopping. SERIOUSLY did not think that I could do it. BUT.... I did!!! Felt like I was going to puke at the end but felt AWESOME! It was great having people there to cheer me on too. I did not want to fail, especially… Continue

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WAY to many days between workouts...gotta change this.
Jim started me on a new regime and then we decided to change it...having a hard time pressing the 35 for more than 1 rep...DANGIT!!!!!!
4 ladders today using the 35 for my 1 rep and then scaling down to the 26 for the rest.
Then I did 10 min of snatches.
I WILL not let that 35 beat me. I WILL be conquering that thing this time!!!

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2 1/2 min of clean and press L arm with 26lb
2 1/2 min of clean and press R arm with 26lb WARM UP

5 Rounds:
50 1-arm swings (25L/25R) with 35lb
20 man push-ups (very ugly)
1 lap jogging around the parking lot

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A quick 30 min workout today.
3X-2min clean and press for warm-up

It was supposed to be 5 rounds but I only got in 3 1/2 because of needing to pick up my daughter.

25 swings-used the 35 on these because the back has been bothering me a little.
15L snatches 15R snatches
5 pull-ups
20 push-ups

Had to switch to presses instead of snatches after awhile. Hands were getting a little ripped up!

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5 min clean and jerk
Rest 1 min
5 min snatches
1 min rest
5 min clean and press

(or something like that)
A great workout in 20 min!!!

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So after being out for 10 days I was so happy to be back. And boy did Jim think up a doozy workout today!
40 snatches (20L/20R)
10 Burpees
36 sn.
9 Burp.
32 sn.
8 burp.
28 sn.
7 burp
24 sn.
6 burp.
20 sn.
5 burp.
16 sn.
4 burp
12 sn.
3 burp.
12 sn.
3 burp.

Did level 3 and didn't scale down. Pretty dang proud of myself.

Added by Pam Benedick on October 11, 2010 at 11:32pm — 1 Comment

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