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Sofia mckibben's Blog – December 2011 Archive (6)

12/13 nutrition/workout log

nutrition... suplements include metabodrene, fish oil and calcium... tons of water.. 9am 3 egg (only one yolk) olmlet with left over asparagus and 2 strips of turkey bacon, post work out 10 oz Green Bolthouse drink (mix of fruits veggies and other bad stuff) 1 tblspn peanut butter a small chunk of left over fish (not as good cold or with peanut butter)  dinner 7oz pork loin 1 cup cooked spinach, cooked in real butter seasoned with pepper and garlic salt  ... 1 mixed drink with vodka and…


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12/12 training/nutrition log

breakfast... 5oz skirt steak 1 egg over easy ... snack about a dozen corn tortilla chips with salsa  post workout dinner... 1 small avacado seasoned with pepper and a little lime, about 6 sprigs of steamed asparagus 1 fish fillet (pacific snapper- wild caught) approx. 6oz 1 glass cabernet

training 12TGU's 12kg thru 28kg 100 swings w/28kg in a tabata set, 100 H2H w/ 20kg  100 BW squats 100 swings w/ 40kg  700 down for the week 800 to go.

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12/9 and 12/10 we wont talk about 12/11 amnesty day

12/9 training 9TGU's 100 hindu squats 100 2-handed swings w/32kg 100 1 handed swing 20kg   900 total so far 

nutrition  metabodrene, fish oil, calcium lots of water

1 cup coffee (black yucky but needed to wake up) (12:30ish) post work out 3 egg (only used 1 yolk) spinach olmlet large grilled chicken breast dinner large chicken ceaser salad..home made only used salad, chicken and dressing  2 bud  lights

12/10  training 10TGU's total of 5 2min30sec sets of DHS @ 30RPS…


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12/8 training/nutrition

am 1 cup coffee black (kinda yucky tasting but woke me up)  lunch chef salad with a little bit of ranch  dinner... about 4oz steak cooked on the ol foreman, zuchini (i think i spelt that wrong) with onion cooked in coconut oil  tons of water and 1 bud light (don't judge me... at least it doesn't say 1 six pack)

training 8 TGU's 12kg thru 24kg each X's 2 reps  3 tabata sets of swings (ouch... it's been a while) 100 reps per set... 1 handed w/ 20kg; 2 handed with 28kg; hand 2 hand w/…


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12/6 & 7

12/6 6 TGU 16kg thru 24kg  wanted to preserve the hands a little so i did some squats... 200 hindu squats and 200 regular squats.. 

nutrition  am 2 eggs 2 strips of bacon afternoon grilled chicken breast and romaine salad  dinner 1 1/2 tacos 1 shrimp the half was chicken in corn tortillas.. small serving of rice and beans

12/7 amnesty day  nutrition went to hell today.

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12/5 nutrition/work out

breakfast 1 cup coffee w/ creamer, 2 eggs, 2 thick slices bacon

lunch 1 carne asada taco in a corn tortilla

dinner homemade chicken ceasar salad with an avacado and a little bit of ranch dressing

training 11AM sport class. DHS (double half snatch) w/ a pair of 12KG.. 4 two minute sets @ 12 RPM with 2 minutes rest between sets... Double LC Clean n jerk w/ a pair of 12KG @ 7 RPM 2 two minute sets with 2 min rest between ... 4 TGU

7PM 5 TGU 200 swings varied style…


Added by sofia mckibben on December 5, 2011 at 9:01pm — 2 Comments

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