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Breakfast 10:00

1 cup Bran buds with skim milk, artificial sweetener; 16 oz. water with multivitamin and 1000 mg. salmon oil.

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Did my workout yesterday but did not start back to TKD 'cause I took my guitars to Bolin Guitars. Found out my Strat was dated December 3, 1963! It is an old geezer like me but worth a lot more. I am hoping that John Bolin can put it back in good shape. 

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Week of August 24, '15.

10x5 squats w/ 26 3 KB; 10x5 press w/ 26 # KB; 10x5 rows with 35# KB; swings as per instructions with 44# KB + 20 walking lunges. 

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Chocolate Milk

So I was at my doctor's office the other day and one of his PAs was telling someone to get him some chocolate milk. I said "Why do you want chocolate milk?" He said because it keeps you from having sore muscles after a workout. 

So of course I go out and buy me some chocolate milk not paying attention to the fact that each cup of the stuff has 190 calories. Then, for 2-3 days I drink a glass after my workout. 

Guess what! I was still sore the next day. Then I read the label…


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I was reading the Statesman this morning and there was an article about working out that indicated that if one is very, very sore after a workout, that person is doing something wrong and may not be getting all that much good out of those workouts. 

Now I know I am the resident designated whiner because I am old and fat and don't work all that hard but I would like Jim's comments after he reads the article. I am so sore today I can barely walk. However, I realize that anyone else who…


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Sorry to read you have been sick. Hope you are okay now. I got back last night. In Moab while hiking, I fell off a cliff and into a ravine filled with bread and all kinds of exotic sauces. You can guess what happened next. I had to eat my way out and so now I am back on the paleo and hoping I have no more accidents. I have a lot of catching up to do at work and so might not see you until Sunday although I will be doing thrusters and swings at home if I can find room in the garage…


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Thanks for the heads up, JB. I have heard about this but since you are endorsing it, I feel better about admitting that I have been using it for about 12 hours. I went in yesterday and had a tube placed. However, being the resourceful person I am, I had it inserted in my rectum. Why bother the intestinal tract at all if you can bypass it? Now my liquid food just does a u-turn in my sigmoid colon and I don't have to worry about caloric intake. I am a little dizzy and can't sit down but I…


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That's why you get the big bucks Jimbo. If you hadn't mentioned that maybe I should check first, I would just happily upped my dose to 3000, mg.s and wondered why I started bleeding all of a sudden. 

That's why you get the big bucks Jimbo. If you hadn't mentioned that maybe I should check first, I would just happily upped my dose to 3000, mg.s and wondered why I started bleeding all of a sudden. 


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Drug reactions with fish oil

Jim B.: I just looked on line and determined that while there is no reported reaction with flecainide, the anti- arrhythmic I take, there is a reaction with warfarin, the anti-coagulant I take. It seems that the fish oil may potentiate the hypoprothrombinemic effect of the warfarin. Thus, if I take too much fish oil, my INR may get too high. If I am in class and start bleeding from the ears be sure to tell me to toughen up! So far, what I am taking has not resulted in a sharp increase in my…


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I am taking one fish oil capsule per day. The label says 1200 mg; 684 mg Omega 3-fatty acids. Jim B. is this enough or should I do as Terra suggested and just put a whole salmon in the blender and drink that down each morning? BTW, my elbow hurts, what should I do? (HaHa)

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This is to Jim B.: I am coming after you with a vengeance. Nobody disses my CNS and gets away with it. I am going to slam sammy 'till the cows come home. I'm going to the garage now to do my swings and thrusters. I'll be thinking of you so beware.

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I know I am full of s**t so take anything I post in the spirit is which it is given. I don't post what I eat because you would be horrified to learn that my lunches at work consist of cauliflower, tuna, hot sauce and mustard (yellow). I am certainly no gourmet but it seems to work for me. It fills me up. I now drink nothing but water and herbal tea. For dinner I have some form of protein and veggies and salad with vinegar and oil dressing. I snack on home made pepperoni sticks and jerky. I…


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 I know I am a silly guy. I am actually taking this very seriously. It seems to me that the sugar detox is really just a more refined Paleo diet and I am treating it as such. At my age it is really hard to tell whether from day to day I actually feel better or not. I try not to worry about that and just forge ahead eating nothing but protein and veggies. I dream of carrot cake and jelly donuts so when I get up in the  morning I really don't feel so good but the dream wears off and I…


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Rachelle, what do you mean "poop"? Jim B. told me that the main point of the 21 day sugar detox waterboarding diet was to not poop for the whole 21 days. Maybe I misunderstood him but when he first mentioned the diet to me and indicated it might help but told me I would have to give up sugar, bread, crackers, sugar, diet soda, sugar, and everything else I love to eat + sugar; I said "You've got to be Sh*##ing me." His reply to that was: "I s*#t you not." I took that to mean that a big part…


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I lost some weight the first week but then gained back a pound when I weighed yesterday. Another set of scales bites the dust. I have not eaten any sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no grains, no nothing and yet my scales turn against me. What is happening? Am I supposed to eat just a very little bit or can I eat 10 oz. of steak and a salad with vinegar and oil and expect to lose weight? If this doesn't start getting better, I am going to have my jaws wired shut, get liposuction, have…


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Well, it's day five. So far, so good. There is one problem though. I woke up in jail this morning. It seems that sometime during the night, someone broke into DK Donuts on State Street in Boise. They arrested me because I was outside the shop screaming something about not knowing that all leftover donuts were given to  the women's shelter at close of business and how unfair it was that a person can't even find a day-old donut at 3:00am. 

I will continue to deny my involvement and plan…


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Day 3

Rachelle, I would certainly appreciate any menu ideas. I have my lunches pretty well covered since Moon's Restaurant is across the street from my office. They make the best burgers and milk shakes in town. (Don't tell Jim B.) However, I am having trouble with dinner and specially with breakfast. Can I really eat eggs and bacon? It seems counter intuitive but what do I know.

The squirrel was tasty but a bit overdone.  

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21 day sugar detox

Well, once gain I have let myself be influenced by Jim B. I am so scared of him that I just can't seem to say "No, Jim I do not want to eat strange stuff I have never heard of and starve myself for a month just to satisfy your morbid personality." So here I am on day 2. Yesterday I trapped slugs in the garden with a bowl of Schlitz. I added them to a cup of coconut paste although getting that stuff out of the coconut was difficult. First I broke my hammer trying to open the damn thing and…


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