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Rachelle, what do you mean "poop"? Jim B. told me that the main point of the 21 day sugar detox waterboarding diet was to not poop for the whole 21 days. Maybe I misunderstood him but when he first mentioned the diet to me and indicated it might help but told me I would have to give up sugar, bread, crackers, sugar, diet soda, sugar, and everything else I love to eat + sugar; I said "You've got to be Sh*##ing me." His reply to that was: "I s*#t you not." I took that to mean that a big part of the diet was retaining all the food you did get to eat over the 21 days until the very end when there would be a really big, smelly celebration. I guess maybe I should read the book because I am getting really confused. I will hang in there, though because I lost a couple more pounds and will take to heart what you said about looking at the scales. Also, I am gratified to know I am not "overeating", although my wife caught me stealing cheese from the mouse traps late last night. I was very embarrassed at getting caught. 

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on April 11, 2012 at 7:48pm

Byron, you're so silly. Now in reality the point of the sugar detox isn't to lose weight; it's to get control of sugar cravings. BUT...weight loss is naturally going to occur. Yep, sugar is in all the yummy nasty junk foods we like to eat, but it's important to break the addiction as sugar really is horrid for your body.

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