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So I was at my doctor's office the other day and one of his PAs was telling someone to get him some chocolate milk. I said "Why do you want chocolate milk?" He said because it keeps you from having sore muscles after a workout. 

So of course I go out and buy me some chocolate milk not paying attention to the fact that each cup of the stuff has 190 calories. Then, for 2-3 days I drink a glass after my workout. 

Guess what! I was still sore the next day. Then I read the label where it says about the calorie count. Then I went and had my head examined and sure enough; there's nothing in there.

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Comment by Jim B on September 14, 2014 at 1:29pm

There is something to the carb and protein ratio in chocolate milk, but it is not unique to just that. I think the excessive sugar and dairy is far worse. 

Also, the research done on recovery after chocolate milk entailed max effort workouts in the same day, so if you are only training one time per day it won't effect it. There really isn't anything that combats soreness. We are still trying to figure out exactly why people get sore after workouts, so everything is just speculation at this point. But if something makes you feel better, then that is reason enough to try it. 

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