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Sofia mckibben's Blog – April 2012 Archive (5)

4 days to go

i know i haven't posted much lately but i have been doing well on both the detox and work outs.  still eating clean primarily chicken, spinach, salad and fish.  i did have 4 tortilla chips the other day.  i am shooting for a couple more pounds before the 21 days is up.  i'm excited for saturdays event

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i had this big long post almost ready to go and i hit the back space button in the wrong place and lost it all.. i'm unwilling to retype the whole darn thing so the just of it is i screwed up friday night and had a couple drinks. got back on track first thing sat morning with a bomb ass work out and continued eating healthy foods and intense training through tonight.  Mike is supporting me by also ditching the booze.  great results so far on the 21 day detox ...  I've dropped 8.3lbs so…


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workout/nutrition 4/5

breakfast 2 cups black coffe, 2 strips of turkey bacon (i made the mistake of putting it in my mouth before reading the ingredients...3rd item on the list...SUGAR)

lunch 2 small pork ribs 5 spears asparagus 2 hard boiled eggs

dinenr 4 oz talapia grilled in a little butter, sauteed onios-bell peppers-mushrooms, baby spinach drizzled with home made dressing (olive oil with an italian herbs and celery salt)

dessert small portion of spaghetti squash... yummy …


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workout/nutrition 4/4

nutrition: breakfast - black coffee, lunch - grilled chicken salad with some cubed bell peppers, onion and 1 hardboiled egg. didn't get a chance to make a dressing so i used an approved sugar free dijon mustard... didn't make me gag so i guess it was ok. pre work out snack (i was starving) cheese stick and a little tuna right out of the can.  post workout dinner 6oz sirloin seasoned only with salt and pepper, 1 cup steamed broccoli and carrots and a side salad with a little bit of grated…


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worout/nutrition log 4/2 & 4/3

4/2 workout 10-9-8-7 etc. to 1 total of 55 reps each exercise double thrusters, burpees and pull ups  nutrition tons of water... skipped breakfast, 2 small cups of black coffee, lunch 1 large avacado grilled chicken thigh and leg  dinner/post work out 3 bbq pork short ribs (no sauces just a little salt and chili powder) 5 spears grilled asparagus... why does your pee smell funny after asparagus?? :?

4/3  workout 100 2 handed swings w/32kg 100 1 hand swings w/20kg 100 H2H swings w/20kg…


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