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Five Years and a Few Pounds Later, I'm back!
Today's meals were not exactly meals...This is the worst day I've had in a while, but I will be honest.

Breakfast - 1/2 apple and some almond butter
Lunch - Organic Coconut Energy Bar, Large box of Blackberries, String Cheese
Dinner - String Cheese, Homemade Quesadilla, McFlurry
Breakfast - Almond Butter, Avocado, Chocolate Almond Milk Whey Protein Shake
Lunch - Kale Salad with chicken breast, cranberries, and spicy vinaigrette
Dinner -Nom Nom Paleo Braised Mexican Beef with small portion of white Rice, collard Greens, avocado, Tabatio, Cilantro, and Lots of Lime Water to drink.
Snack - 2 handfulls of Dark Chocolate Chips.

My Husband and I have been eating extremely well, except for 3 cheat days since the new year. I've lost 2 pounds and close to 2% body fat, but haven't been exercising consistently at all. I've been getting some random sprints, Yoga, and TGU's in here and there but nothing solid.
Tomorrow I am working at an event that I am a little conflicted about. I sell tickets at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquets around NorCal a few weekends a year, and the pressure to look perfect always makes me digress instead of progress in Fitness leading up to it. There is something about the emphasis on perfection that leads me to rejection. I know we all judge each other's bodies but this attitude towards perfection drives me crazy.
Part of me just feels flattered they still ask me to sell at the events, even though I'm always in the middle for sales, and I need the money - so I do it. The other part of me doesn't really's to another night in high heals, hairspray, and sparkles...shouldn't this make me feel great? Let me know if any of you have experienced something like this.

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Comment by Jim B on February 14, 2015 at 8:21am

So great to see you logging!

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