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Getting back into the swing of things from being sick!


I did 200 flights of stairs on the Stairmaster to get myself started again, and chose a Cardio-machine (also known as the Devil) because I can study my flashcards and workout at the same time!


12/21/10 WOD

20 Minutes of Stairmaster while studying again - 99 Flights of Stairs.



3 Windmills with 35Lb KB each side.



5 Rounds:

1 TGU w/35 LB KB

5 DeadLifts w/ 95LB

5 K2E (I can actually touch my elbows now!)

10/10 Bosu Pushups with one arm elevated

12 BOSU (upside down) Balance Planks with knee-elbow touches and 30 seconds hold

10 Plank Pushups or walking Planks


Felt Great to get my Core going again. Abs and Back got Worked!  

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Comment by Jim B on December 21, 2010 at 9:26pm
The Stairmaster is the one cardio machine I really do miss from GloboGym. That is a legit pain machine.

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