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  • Still have not beat this cold. Chose exercises that wouldn't tax my respiratory system too heavily.



  • Three sets of five reps of push presses @ 20kg
  • Five sets of one rep of push press @ 24kg
  • Three sets of five reps of goblet squats @ 20kg
  • Two sets of five reps of goblet squats @ 24kg


Previous Night's Sleep:

  • 8 hours




Water: 0.75 gallons


8:00a - Noon:

Two eggs, onions, peppers, olive oil

Two chicken apple sausages

Black coffee

1000mg fish oil, Opti-Men multivitamin


Noon - 4:00p:

Mixed fresh grapes

1.5oz almonds

Iced black coffee

1000mg fish oil, Opti-Men multivitamin

400iu Vitamin-D, 1000mg Calcium

500mg Magnesium


4:00p - 10:00p:

Small steak

Small grilled salmon

Steamed broccoli

Mixed yellow & green squash, butter

2g phenibut, 3mg melatonin

1500mg Bulgarian Tribulus

Three ZMA caps


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Comment by Brent Brown on September 27, 2011 at 10:05am

Difficult to tell with the melatonin, because the cold bug is still messing up how I feel.  I slept well with it...  I'm a little more cautious with the melatonin supplementation because I don't want to retard my body's natural production of it.  I think a little can help, but I definitely plan to regularly cycle off of it.


ZMA seems like a great mix!  I went to Optimum ZMA.  I tend to trust that Optimum and NOW... so I like to use them as a baseline on new stuff; then try other brands if there is a significant savings. Although I did go with Ultimate Nutrition for the Tribulus for some reason that escapes me now... 

Comment by Jim B on September 26, 2011 at 10:45pm
How do you like the ZMA? I cycle on and off it. I am still torn on it. What brand are you using?
Comment by Pam Benedick on September 26, 2011 at 9:44pm
How is the melatonin working for you??

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