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- Cup of coffee with creamer


- 3 slices of bacon

- 3 egg cheddar omlette cooked in leftover bacon fat


- Leftover enchilada casserole

6:30PM (Post Workout)

- 25g vanilla whey

- 1 clementine


- Leftover Walmart pizza (yeah.... I know)





- 100 Double KB Front Squats with 35s: 10 sets of 10

- Walking Lunges: 120 yards

- Calf Raises: 45 second set per leg, 1 minute set both legs

- Single Leg Deadlifts with 35s: 1 set of 10 per leg

- Calf Raises: 30 second set per leg, 45 second set both legs

(Battling a cold and needed to reduce the squat weight to get the numbers. Body just didn't have the energy to do the overall volume of work that I mentally wanted)


* I could take this advice today! But, when I'm sick I tend to be a little lazy with my diet.


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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on September 14, 2011 at 7:40am

Thanks Jim. I think in the past I would have skipped out due to a cold. Now I can say that there wouldn't have been any possible justification for skipping out. I didn't feel bad enough. Plus, if I miss a day of doing anything, whether it's a workout at the gym or sprints at home, I feel like something is missing.


And yes, Walmart makes a great pizza! After my huge dissapointment in Papa Murphys last week, I think I'll stick with Walmart & Pizza Hut. =)


Hey thanks Pam! And thanks for the well wishes! I'm glad you enjoyed the's a good one to keep in mind for sure! =)

Comment by Pam Benedick on September 13, 2011 at 10:32pm amazing workout despite not feeling up to par. Hope you get better soon! And I love the quote you posted! SO TRUE SO TRUE!!!!
Comment by Jim B on September 13, 2011 at 10:03pm
And Walmart does make an awesome pizza? Surprising, huh?
Comment by Jim B on September 13, 2011 at 10:03pm

There is such a thing as going too far, but at the same time, the difference between being in sorta good shape and killer shape is sucking it up and dealing with not feeling 100%.


Unless you are dealing with a serious illness and/or might spread it through the gym, there is no reason to miss a workout just because you a little off. You did exactly what I would have done.

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