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I've been slacking with logging lately. Partially due to laziness and partially due to not having things I should. Saturday was great nutritionally. After consuming a large Pizza Hut pizza all by myself in 3hrs Friday night, I felt it would be natural to do a little fasting Saturday. I fasted comfortably until just after 2pm. By then, after taking the kids to the Discovery Center, we sat down for lunch at Applebees. I had one of their "under 550 calorie meals" which consisted of a garlic marinated 7 oz. sirloin and sautéed onions served with herbed potatoes (a 1/4C worth) and a grilled portobello mushroom cap filled with creamed spinach. Then at 4:20pm I had a big salad consisting of baby spinach, broccoli slaw, sliced baby carrots, sliced baby portobello mushrooms, 2oz of ham, 2oz of turkey and topped with ranch dressing. At 11:30pm, after getting home from the concert, I had almost half a bag of BBQ pork rinds. I consumed only water the whole day. Now Sunday was different and seriously sloppy. About the only healthy thing I had was some BBQed meat, an all beef hotdog (if that can be considered "healthy") and a little fruit salad. The rest was 3 donuts, a slice of leftover pizza, 2 corn tortillas for steak tacos, tortilla chips and a single serving frozen mango daiquiri. I also finished off my pork rinds. Yep, it was bad...but, I'm admitting it. After a perfect 3 weeks during the detox, it's disheartening to let myself fall nutritionally like this. But all I can do is acknowledge it and move forward. I can say that eating like that produced noticeable side effects when comparing to how I felt on the detox. My energy was lower, didn't feel like working out, I'm cranky and instead of waking at 6:30-7 ready to get up and go, I just wanted to stay in bed.

On another note, a new round of the sugar detox has started today and while I won't be technically doing it again, I do plan to use it try to regain the same focus I had and make good consistent choices again. I'm also participating in a "No-Weigh in April" challenge in which I don't step on the scale the whole month. It's a chance to not focus on the scale and trust myself and my body to do what it needs to providing I train hard and eat clean. That strategy worked pretty well for me last year. I tend to let the scale influence how I eat certain days in an attempt to control the number. Not a healthy habit.



- Half a cup of coffee with half a packet of stevia and a little unsweetened almond milk


- 2 stuffed portobello mushrooms: 2 mushroom cleaned of the stems & gills. Stuffed with a little spinach, cracked an egg into each one, seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin & chili powder and topped with grated mild cheddar. Baked at 350* for 20 minutes. Topped with hot sauce. Lots of different ways you can do these. I won't do the egg again because it wasn't cooked in 20 minutes, so I had to cycle the mushrooms in the microwave to get the egg done.

This was the recipe I based mine off of and here is where I got it...


- Cucumber cups stuffed with tuna salad: Got the idea here and for the tuna salad I used a can of tuna, a little mayo, half a large chopped celery stalk, 1/4 of a chopped green apple (instead of raisins), salt & pepper. I just used 1 cucumber and also sprinkled a little paprika over the finished product

- 2 "Primal Almond Butter Pumpkin Brownies": Didn't have enough almond butter or pumpkin so I used butternut squash and peanut butter. I didn't use nearly the amount of honey either; just squirted some over the batter. Also added cinnamon. They were nice! Next time I'll use pumpkin and some dark chocolate chips so they'll be like the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I adore so much, but much healthier!


- Baby carrots with almond butter and a little dark chocolate almond butter (I'm officially and completely out of almond butter, now. Will be just sticking with peanut butter for most of the time partially due to cost and because I'm not totally convinced natural peanut butter (as in the only ingredients are peanuts & salt) kept in the fridge is all that evil. From what I've read, you'd have more of a 'risk' eating unshelled peanuts)


- 2 beef hotdogs with just over a cup of chili


- One brownie (see above)



- Warmup of 100 hand to hand swings with the 35

- 10 Double KB Thrusters with the 35s

- 10 Burpees w/push up

- 10 Pullups

- 9 Double KB Thrusters

- 9 Burpees w/pushup

- 9 Pullups

  • This pattern continued down to 1 rep of each exercise

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on April 3, 2012 at 1:29pm

You're absolutely right, Byron. Thank you!!

And aren't rock it in the gym! =)

Comment by Byron Foster on April 3, 2012 at 12:50pm


Take it from an old fat person who has gained and lost probably 1000 pounds or more during a long and stupid  life; a little slip now and then is what keeps life interesting and keeps you going toward your goal. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.


Comment by Rachelle Lowder on April 3, 2012 at 8:03am

Yeah, I know...I guess I look at it as more losing control than a simple slip/indulgence. I am a bit of a control freak, you know. ;) But then again, maybe it was something I needed to get out of my system after being so restricted for so long. *shrug*Moving on... =)

And thanks Pam. This week is off to a great start so far! And it is always a process. I don't think I'll ever be as strict (long term) as those paleo peeps I follow on Facebook..LoL!

Comment by Jim B on April 3, 2012 at 7:56am

Don't kick yourself. A couple days after a month of perfect eating? No big deal.

Comment by Pam Benedick on April 2, 2012 at 10:27pm

Thanks for your honesty. Just goes to show that it is always a process! Hoping this week is awesome for you!

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