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- 8oz organic raw kombucha


- Banana Coconut pancakes: 2 eggs, 4T unsweetened shredded coconut, half a mashed medium banana, dash of salt, 1/4tsp baking powder (makes 5 small pancakes). I cooked them in butter and topped them with a smear of almond butter and sliced up the other half of the banana.

- 2 strips of bacon


- 2 Brazil nuts

- Cup of kombucha green tea with a squirt of honey


- 16 medium shrimp cooked in 2T pastured butter with a handful of sliced baby carrots, 3 sliced mushrooms, minced garlic, oregano & basil. Poured over half a 12oz bag of broccoli slaw. Topped with sesame seeds and half a diced small avocado


- Some Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream (this didn't really taste as fabulous as I'd imagined plus, it set me up for disaster during my workout...lesson learned)


- Asian Chicken Slaw: Chicken breast & bacon over broccoli slaw tossed with an asian style dressing consisting of soy sauce, sesame seed oil, oyster sauce and ground chili paste



- 5 Ladder Sets of Double KB Thrusters with the 35s backed with pullups




- 2 eggs scrambled in butter with 2oz chopped ham; seasoned with a little salt & pepper

- 2 strips of bacon

- About a cup of kale sauteed in a mix of butter & olive oil; seasoned with a little salt, garlic powder & pepper


- Cobb style Salad: Chopped romaine leaves, sliced baby carrots, sliced mushrooms, 2oz sliced ham, 2oz sliced turkey a little grated mild cheddar and RANCH! I would have had 2 boiled eggs on there, but after peeling & discovering I didn't boil them long enough, I tried to finish cooking them in the microwave. Got distracted by the kids and they blew up all over the place. Doggy got a nice protein snack! LoL!


- A few baby carrots with almond butter

- 2 Brazil nuts


- Pizza Hut!: Pepperoni, black olive & mushroom pizza & a few swigs of a beer

**No workout

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