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9:30 am

Black Coffee

1 spoon full of coconut oil

10:45 am

2 eggs with 3 slices of bacon

3:00 pm

 4 cups Salad 

Kale, Cabbage, 12 cherry tomatos, sunflower seeds, 1 chicken breast, oil & rice vinegar for dressing

7:30 pm 


2 cups of pad wooden & 1 cup of pad thai

2 fresh spring rolls

72 oz of water

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Comment by Jim B on August 17, 2015 at 7:51am

You had a cheat meal, but at least the timing of it seems good. Looks like you took in almost all your carbs late, which is better.

Some of the spring rolls I've had around here are really not that bad, either.  Also, it is good to see some vegetables in there...and more water.

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