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Rest Day


Food Log:


1 egg, 2 turkey sausages, 2 cups of coffee



3 egg omelette with 2 turkey bacon slices and some cheese inside

Fage greek yogurt with a few grapes






Snack take 2:

1 cake mix cookie with frosting (relatively small cookie, but still, darn it!)



Steamed broccoli, a few bites of pork chop that I didn't like the flavoring I used


Honest moment here, after dinner I had a cheat evening that I will definitely be feeling tomorrow.  Not really sure why, but sheesh.


Add 3 more cookies onto that list as well as a granola bar, a few chips, more watermelon, and a big bowl of popcorn. Ugh.  Apparently the carbs were calling my name this evening and I did not do anything to resist.  Back on the horse tomorrow....

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