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Whole Foods Doesn't Mean Healthy.

Whole Foods Doesn't Mean Healthy.

I find little need to shop at overpriced boutique stores like Whole Foods. There isn't much you can't get in other places (preferably from a local producer or farmer's market). If you can ONLY get it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, then get it there. Otherwise, shop elsewhere.

I'll bet you can find an equal selection at a more commonplace store like Winco, Fred Meyer or Albertson's, for less money.

The main thing I find a little disconcerting about Whole Foods starts with the label on their bags. They have aisles of junk food, just like every other store does. It is what sells, I get that. I just can't stand the implication that what you are buying there is automatically healthier than what you can get at other store. They aren't. You still have to use your head just as much as when you shop any place else. Don't let your guard down. Junk is still junk. There are just as many minefields of excess sugar and carbs at Whole Foods, Natural Grocer's or Trader Joes as there are at Walmart, Fred Meyer or even a local gas station.

You can make junk food without artificial colors.

You can make junk food without artificial flavors.


You can make junk food without artificial sweeteners.

You can make junk food without hydrogenated fats.

Yes, these things are all bad and you should avoid anything with them, but understand that there are lots of junky things like sugary, carby things like take-out pizza and a whole aisle of chips!

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