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12 minutes of sprints.
50yd sprint up a slight incline, walk back and repeat for 12 minutes. Unknown rounds.

6 x 2 @ 405.

Nutrition Log...
7:00 - 300mg caffeine, 648mg Siberian ginseng, 648mg Korean ginseng

8:00 - 50gr whey protein with BCAAs, 300mg fish oil, multivitamin, 2,000iu vitamin D.

1:00 -
5-egg omelette, with sliced jalapenos and cheese.
5 slices of bacon
1 red apple
300mg fish oil

4:00 - preworkout: 300mg caffeine, 648mg Siberian ginseng, 648mg Korean ginseng

6:15 - postworkout: 1 banana, handful of raw almonds

10:30 -
1 generous glasses of red wine.

2 thick grilled hamburgers (local-raised, grass-fed beef), with grilled onion, grilled jalapeno slices, and cheddar cheese, wrapped in romain lettuce.

1 whole avocado, with lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

Gob of grilled pineapple.

11:00 - 50mg DHEA, 3mg melatonin, 300mg fish oil.

Carnal Dammage, Your MMA Headquarters

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