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TRAINING/NUTRITION BLOG: 2/24/13: This Week's Fasted Hill Sprints



Fasted hill sprints. 

50yd uphill sprints. 12 minute-sprint hard, walk back to start and repeat. Didn't count rounds. @ About 5,000ft for these today. 


Fasted from 9pm last night until about 20 minutes after sprints, when I had a couple handfuls of jerky, raw almonds, blueberries, with some fish oil, cod liver oil and vitamin D (hopefully I soaked up some sun today!)


1 tbsp coconut oil

big hunk of leftover broiled wild salmon

big spinach salad with all the usual. 

Cheat for tonight was some coconut rum in a "pina colada" with a whole can of crushed pineapple, while watching The Walking Dead.

cod liver oil

vitamin D

about 11pm I will hit the Zn, Mg, B6, and melatonin

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