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Knees were feeling like crap today, and I hadn't gotten my windmills in for a while. I decided to step them up a little today.


Taekwon-Do Hyung practice

10 x 10 2-arm swings with 36kg

6 x 5 windmills with 36kg (an acceptable substitute for getups, in a pinch)

That is a lot of windmills with a fairly significant amount, now that I look at it. I was a little sore later that night after. No wonder.



caffeine/green tea


1 tbsp coconut oil

jerky and almonds

5000iu vitamin D

3000mg fish oil


1 tbsp coconut oil

pan-seared steak

big handful of macadamia nuts

2000mg fish oil


300mg caffeine/green tea


1 tbsp coconut oil

pan-seared lamb chop with rosemary and garlic

3 small baked potatoes with tons of butter and a little grated Parmesan cheese

ton of steamed kale and spinach with a ton of butter and lemon

5000iu vitamin D

3000mg fish oil


Zn, Mg, B6

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