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Felt zero motivation to train today. Not sure why. Deadlifts do cure all. On a whim I decided to check them out and see how they felt. Felt fine! They are back on the table for a 5/3/1 cycle.

I almost think the screwed up toe is forcing me to drive through the heels harder.

315 x 3

365 x 4

405 x 2

455 x 2

475 x 1

405 x 3

365 x 3

365 x 3

365 x 3



200mg caffeine/green tea

3 MCT oil caps


1 tbsp. coconut oil

giant avocado with lime, salt and pepper

several strips of bacon

about 1oz of grassfed cheese

4000mg fish oil


1 scoop Cutler Legend


1 tbsp. coconut oil

about 1/2lb of smoked tri tip

large baked potato with Kerrygold butter, grassfed cheese, and red pepper flake

bunch of steamed spinach with Kerrygold butter, lemon, and Himalayan salt

red wine

4000mg fish oil

5000iu vitamin D

About 12am, I will hit the melatonin, Zn, Mg, B6.

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