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Got some kind of illness, or maybe food poisoning last Tuesday. Threw up immediately after eating, and then felt nauseous and weak for the rest of the next 2 days. Didn't eat anything. No training, obviously. 


TAEKWON-DO HYUNG PRACTICE. Still not 100%, mostly because I hadn't eaten really since the 21st. 


Another rest day, but at least I did have somewhat of an appetite. Had a big steak, baked potato and some Michelob Ultra about 4pm. The first thing that actually sounded good. Stacey and I went to TX Roadhouse. Didn't eat anything else all day.


Not a crazy workout, but enough to get some kind of stimulus. I hit a C2 Rower for an easy 12 minute row on a trip to the rec center. Had some free passes to use. 

I was actually really hungry after training. We went to the store and they make fresh sushi at a deli counter there, so I got some tuna and salmon sushi pieces and took home. I had this with some kimchee, and was still hungry so I ate 1/2 rack of leftover ribs and a Kind bar. Not totally primal eating, but I really have been struggling to get anything at all down. Hope things are on the mend. 

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