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REST DAY (Driving to MT for a day)

(At a decent globogym I dropped in at).

3 X 3 @ 405#

30 minutes of Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and pullups.

REST DAY (Driving back to ID)

Taekwon-Do: 16 hyungs

20 minutes of Hindu pushups and 48kg kettlebell swings.

16 Taekwon-Do hyungs.

Believe it or not, I maintained strict nutrition during my trip. When I drive I prefer to be fasted to maintain alertness. So, I really only ate one meal per day on those days, except Sunday, when we hit an awesome diner and I had some wings and an amazing hamburger.

The only real nutritional digression was that I drank about 5 Red Bulls while on the drive and sipped some beer and whiskey during dinners in MT. Dinners consisted of lots of steak and salad.

300mg caffeine

2 Kind coconut and almond bars.
4000mg fish oil
cod liver oil
5000iu vitamin D

1 tbsp coconut oil
3 deer meat pepperoni sticks
2oz of gouda cheese
about 2oz of 90% pure dark chocolate
4000mg fish oil
cod liver oil

300mg caffeine

2 huge hamburgers wrapped in lettuce with almost a whole avocado sliced on top.
Massive amount of homemade french fries made with sliced potatoes and broiled in the oven with coconut oil, kosher salt, and granulated garlic. I needed the glycogen replacement after several light workout days in which I consumed almost no carbohydrate.
4000mg fish oil
cod liver oil
5000iu vitamin D

About 12am I will hit the magnesium, zinc, and B6.

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on October 31, 2012 at 7:25am

No wonder you got to MT so had wings! HaHa.. =)

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