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TRAINING/NUTRITION BLOG: 10/01/13. Time for 5,000 Snatches in 5 Weeks.


After my weeks of getups and two days of rest, it is time to start up my yearly 5,000 snatch project. Every October I do 5,000 kettlebell snatches @ 1,000 per week for five weeks. 


50 reps with 16kg (haven't snatched a 16 in years...just to make sure I could still snatch, since I haven't been them much lately). 
50 reps with 24kg. 
2 Tabata snatch rounds with 24kg. 
These sets are easy in execution, but seem to pay off way more than it would seem. 

(I suppose when you think about it, you are snatching at a rapid pace for a long time. The movement speed is like doing 20RPM, and you end up doing it for up to 16 minutes per day if you do 4 sets. I just thought of that yesterday.)

212 reps total for today.




200mg caffein/green tea


1 scoop BSN Hyper FX


1 scoop VPX Synthesize (Not really happy with this stuff. It is an amino/protein drink and it is too sweet. Training 2x per day for a while means some supplements are in order, though.)


1 tbsp coconut oil

about 4oz of leftover broiled wild salmon

5-egg omelette with mushrooms and some green onion

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


1 scoop BSN Hyper FX


1 tbsp coconut oil

2 huge local-raised, grassfed beef hamburger patties on a portabello mushroom

huge spinach salad with avocado, broccoli, raw sunflower seeds, mushroom, 1 whole avocado, and my homemade dressing

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


zinc, magnesium, B6, melatonin

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