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NUTRITION: (Slept terribly. Woke up several times and couldn't sleep. Worked on a few projects.)


2 green tea extract caps

3 MCT oil caps


1 tbsp coconut oil

2 grassfed hamburgers on a lettuce wrap with homemade primal mayo (about 2/3lb total)

medium baked sweet potato with tons of kerrygold butter, red pepper flake, grated parmesan and sea salt

2000mg fish oil

5000iu vitamin D


1 sugar free rockstar (I know, this is terrible)

9pm- (Stacey got a new crock pot and wanted to make a roast. I usually do all the cooking, but she does this much better than I do. She didn't have time to thaw a grass-fed roast from the freezer, so she went to the store and got something there. Surely not grass-fed). 

In all, I had at least a pound of roast beef with mushrooms and onion. 

Huge spinach salad with avocado, red onion, some parmesan, and my homemade dressing

red wine

4000mg fish oil


Forgot my night supps. I think I went right to sleep after not sleeping well the night before. 

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