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(Banned myself from any more than this today)



200mg caffeine/green tea


1 tbsp coconut oil

several strips of bacon

4 eggs cooked in bacon grease

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


300mg caffeine/green tea


Got caught up running a few errands late this evening, and we didn't feel like cooking so we decided to make it the week's cheat meal. The local Applebee's was about the only thing open. Really hard to avoid crap there no matter what you get. 

Had some wings and a rack of ribs with a baked potato with a shot of 1800 silver and lots of water. Took fish oil and cod liver oil as soon as I got home to try and offset the amount of nasty oils they use in cooking. Another thing that struck me as I was eating is the type of "butter" or "sour cream" they use. I'm sure they aren't real versions of either and are probably some horrible hydrogenated oil. 

Please note: I didn't try to minimize a cheat meal by getting a salad and then trying to work it into my normal eating habits. NOTHING you can eat in a restaurant like this is going to be good for you. The salads and other supposedly healthy options are still garbage due to the fake cheeses and fake oils used in dressings and toppings. I would still consider that a cheat meal. 


Zn, Mg, B6, melatonin

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