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DEADLIFTS (Still building the conventional deadlift back. Lots of medium-heavy sets)

1x3 @ 315

1x3 @ 365

2x3 @ 405

2x3 @ 365




Note the Kind bars after the first workout. Needed for glycogen replacement due to the 2nd training planned for the day. Definitely not an ideal choice, but it was the best option at the time.

August 13, 2015

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Breakfast (pre/post early workout)
Prolab - Advanced Caffeine, 1 tablet 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Kind - Cherry Chocolate Bar, 2 bar 360 44g 18g 8g 0mg 40mg 28g 5g

Lunch (2pm)

Alaska Smokehouse - Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon, 8 oz. 640 0g 32g 52g 180mg 1,600mg 0g 0g
Now Foods - Mct Oil Capsules, 3 Pills 25 0g 3g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Brazil - Nuts - Raw, 2 oz. 420 6g 42g 8g 0mg 0mg 2g 4g
Cucumber - With peel, raw, 0.5 cup slices 8 2g 0g 0g 0mg 1mg 1g 0g
Generic - Balsamic Vinegar, 1 Tbsp (15 mL) 10 3g 0g 0g 0mg 4mg 2g 0g
Kirkland - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Tablespoon 125 0g 14g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g

Dinner (10pm)

Grilled - T Bone Steak, 20 ounce 1,201 0g 59g 158g 0mg 380mg 0g 0g
Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red Wine, 6.8 fluid ounce 153 5g 0g 0g 0mg 12mg 2g 0g
Nutiva - Coconut Oil (Grams), 1 Tbsp 130 0g 14g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Potato - Sweet Baked, 8 ounce 205 47g 0g 5g 0mg 80mg 15g 7g
Kerrygold - Pure Irish Grassfed Butter, 3 Tbsp (14 gr) 300 0g 36g 0g 120mg 195mg 0g 0g

Snacks (night and preworkout supps)

Kal - Magnesium Glycinate 400 (2 Tablets), 2 Tablets 10 1g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 1g
Vitamin Shoppe - Zinc 50mg, 1 capsule 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Prolab - Advanced Caffeine, 1.5 tablet 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
TOTAL: 3,587 108g 218g 231g 300mg 2,312mg 50g 17g


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