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Not much time for this at all today.


300 squats in a 2:1 work/rest ratio.


Too much of a pain to use the app for this today. Just going to provide narrative.


200mg caffeine/green tea

1 tbsp. coconut oil

2 Universal beef liver caps


1 tbsp. coconut oil

Whole bunch of rotisserie chicken.

2 slices of pan-seared pineapple. Probably only about 4oz of it. It was kind of too sweet.

4000mg fish oil

5000iu vitamin D


200mg of caffeine/green tea


1 beef liver caps

500mg vitamin C


Did not feel like cooking, and when you are trying to eat healthy most restaurant options are out. Stacey and I are kind of regulars at the Mongolian grill, so we went there. If you are really careful you can eat there, unless you have severe food allergies. I just load up my bowl with meat and tons of veggies, and skip the noodles and rice. I think you are pretty safe if you stick to sauces like curry, ginger, garlic, red pepper, and lemon. Just be really wary of any sweet sauces or dark colored ones. They are likely full of soy sauce and sugar. I took 2000mg of fish oil as soon as I got home.


50mg zinc

400mg GNC Super Magnesium

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