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No training today, but a good amount of fasted lawn mowing and outside work. 


Fasted early. Just a little MCT oil and some green tea. 

I sipped a very diluted mixture water and coconut water while I worked outside. I in all I had about 12oz of coconut water, a teaspoon of powdered glutamine and about 3gr of creatine monohydrate in about 64oz of water. 

One big meal today, after a 26hr fast: 


generous glass of pino noir

1 tbsp coconut oil

huge salad with spinach, red cabbage, red onion, a whole avocado, some shredded parmesan cheese, and my homemade salad dressing

about 12oz of grilled flat iron steak

giant baked organic sweet potato with tons of Kerrygold butter, red pepper flake, and grated parmesan cheese (sweet potatoes are one of the things I really do prefer organic and can taste a difference

4000mg fish oil


Zn, Mg, B6

500mg Turmeric  

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