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In Montana for a wedding. Saturday I went to the Little Bighorn Battlefield and toured the area and then had a wedding in the late afternoon.

I had some MCT oil capsules early and then some jerky around 1:30pm.

I'd hoped for some kind of snacks or something at the wedding reception, but there was really nothing but junk, like sugary BBQ pork, pasta, and bread. There wasn't even a salad or a single piece of meat.

I ended up eating some cheese from a couple huge cheese trays with a bunch of the grapes and raw kale they used for garnishment on the cheese tray. Seriously, it was the only vegetable in the room.

Later that night we went out with a group and I got a decent gyro salad. I did sip more wine than usual, but that's what parties are for!


Drove back. Had some MCT oil and green tea early, and then about 12:30, stopped and got about 3oz of jerky, some raw almonds and pumpkin seeds. Ate while driving and drank a bunch of water.

About 4pm, I grabbed some more jerky and 2oz of cheese. I also sipped a zero carb Monster drink.


Home! Stopped by the store on the way home and grabbed some grassfed ground beef, some lettuce wraps and a pineapple. I ate two huge hamburgers on lettuce wraps with avocado slices and about 1/2 the pineapple, which we sliced and grilled.

Lots of inflammation from sitting and more refined salt than normal. Pineapple is a great natural anti-inflammatory.

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