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I was actually going to take today as another rest day, but I just couldn't resist doing something short since I felt a ton of energy. I decided to hit some hard swings, 10X10 w/48kg with a 60 second rest between sets. I just hit each set of these as an all out sprint. Almost no sweat, but lots of return on the time spent.

I have been playing around with some of the variables on sets of heavy swings like rep numbers and rest intervals. I really think hormonally these are best served up in small fast quantities. Minimum dose, max effectiveness on them. Still doing some experimenting here.



Hit my usual caffeine, MCT oil and some beef liver aminos

About 1pm-

1 tbsp MCT oil

Huge leftover chicken breast with some of my olive oil dressing on it.

handful of raw almonds and about 1oz of dry cheese

5000iu vitamin D

3000mg fish oil


Stacey and I went to Messenger pizza in Nampa to try their GF pizza. Pleasantly surprised with it. It was so good that I thought they had screwed up and given us regular thin crust rather than GF. I actually kept waiting for the weird allergy response I get if I get into wheat. Hard to describe, but it kind of starts in my face and chest, almost like anxiety or something. Then I get the runny nose and puffy eyes.

Not ready to self-diagnose myself with any kind of allergy or condition, but I can say that I'm not crazy and making this up. If it is nothing but placebo effect, then you'd certainly think it would have been in full swing here.

I can say that their GF pizza is the best I've tried. They make the dough themselves. You always feel kinda ripped off when you order GF pizza since they charge extra and you really pay for a medium and get a small. At every other place we get two and usually scarf them both down. I'll have to say that these were a little bigger and this is the first time we've ever had to have a box to take some home.

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