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TRAINING/NUTRITION BLOG: 02/17/13 4-Minute Workout (and it definitely doesn't involve anything you might see on an infomercial)



One 100% all-out Tabtata hill sprint up this rocky, steep-ass hillside. Lungs still burning. Last two 20-second intervals were nothing more than a crawl. This will serve as this week's immunization from the epidemic of pussification that is taking over the country.

There is an actual workout you can do in less than 5 minutes per day that will do something for you. It is this. (Note it does not involve any shaking weights, ridiculous electronic stimulator belts, or any other thing you might see advertised "As-Seen-On-TV").

Speaking of that: If you want to lose bodyfat, doing this after an 18hr fast is a surefire bet for the day. There is your nutrition plan. It has nothing to do with any special drink or supplement. Quick snack after workout, and then one big meal at night.


Fasted until after this interval of sprints. Gave it about 30 minutes and then had 2 bananas and a bunch of BBQ pork jerky with some fish oil and cod liver oil


Bunch of grilled steak and a huge salad

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D

about 1130pm I will hit the Zn, Mg, B6, and melatonin

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