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Striking/kicking drills alternated with ring rows and Hindu pushups (100 of each). 

Barbell front squats (Yes, you read that right). 3 X 3 @ 225 (about my bodyweight for a starter) w/3 minute rest between sets. 

I decided to throw something different into the mix for a while. I am being super, super conservative on these and trying my best not to add weight too fast. This is a very light load, for just a few reps to see if I gain any power from it. 

As a starting point I am working with approximately my bodyweight, which is not hard in the slightest, but I will very slowly start to add weight.

One of the things I am trying my best to do is avoid gaining any size in my legs, and hopefully the small sets with lots of rest will help with that. 

I have to say, these felt really good. I just have to use lots of restraint here and not do too much. 



2 Hydroxycut Hardcore caps

Korean ginseng

1000mg vitamin C


1 tbsp coconut oil

handful of jerky

raw almonds

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


1 tbsp coconut oil

6 thick slices of bacon

small bowl of blackberries and raw almonds

fish oil

cod liver oil

Siberian ginseng


2 Hydroxycut Hardcore caps


1000mg vitamin C


huge sirloin steak (from our local source, this was as juicy as any fillet mignon or ribeye from ANY restaurant in the area)

huge mixed salad with avocado, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, baby carrots, raw sunflower seeds and a decent ginger and carrot vinaigrette dressing without a bunch of junk in it. It did have some sesame oil in it, but probably no harm done. To be honest, Stacey got it at Whole Foods because she though the bottle would work well to make homemade dressing. Not too bad, though. 

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


big chunk of 85% pure dark chocolate with coconut oil on top

About 11pm I will hit the Zn, Mg, B6, and melatonin

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