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(ran up the ladder twice -- supersetting each weight with the 106, except on the last rep with the 88)
2L/2R x 44#/20kg
2L/2R x 53#/24kg 
2L/2R x 62#/28kg
2L/2R x 70#/32kg
2L/2R x 88#/40kg
9L/9R x 106#/48kg

Video of my first run up the ladder:

(I like Wednesdays to be serious beatdowns, and I wanted to really mix things up today)
25 Hindu Squats
25 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls (88#/40kg)
25 Swing Catch & Squats (70#/32kg)
25 Double Outside Leg Swings (double 62#/28kg)
25 Hindu squats

I ran through that twice, here's my first time through:

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