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(ran up, then back down the ladder)
2L/2R x 35#/16kg
2L/2R x 44#/20kg
2L/2R x 53#/24kg 
2L/2R x 62#/28kg
2L/2R x 70#/32kg
2L/2R x 88#/40kg
2L/2R x 106#/48kg

Started with 2 sets of 20 double outside leg swings with 53#/24kg bells -- then came Jim's input -- and he knows I'll take on anything he throws at me on general principle. So, per his suggestion I did three more sets of 20 -- super setting each with Hindu squats (34, 33, and 33 respectively) . . . ouch.

Already in beatdown mode I threw in 30 pistols (30L/30R) for good measure.

And finished off with 100 continuous 2-hand swings hitting each of these for 20 reps a piece in descending order: 70#/32kg, 62#/28kg, 53#/24kg, 44#/20kg, 35#/16kg

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