Boise Kettlebell Lifting

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  • Rest day


Previous Night's Sleep:

  • 9.5 hours




Water: 0.5 gallons


8:00a - Noon:

Two eggs, onions, garlic peppers, olive oil

1.5 chicken apples sausages


Black coffee

1000mg fish oil, Opti-Men multivitamin


Noon - 4:00p:

Beef Pad Prik King (ginger, onions, peppers, snow peas, Thai long beans, bamboo, carrots, curry)

Steamed broccoli, squash, snow peas & carrots

One strip bacon

1oz 85% dark chocolate
4.5oz apple slices

1000mg fish oil, Opti-Men multivitamin

400iu Vitamin-D, 1000mg Calcium

500mg Magnesium


4:00p - 10:00p:

Homemade chicken soup
3oz beef jerky

Red grapes

Two NorCal Margaritas

1500mg Bulgarian Tribulus

Three ZMA caps

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