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- Cup of coffee with a little creamer


- 26 chocolate pb whey

- Big handful of walnut halves


- Handful of fresh raspberries

- A few pieces of dried fruit from some tropical trail mix


- 2 boiled eggs lightly salted

- 1/4 of an avocado lightly salted/peppered

- 1/2 a large lemon cucumber with Mrs Dash


- About 1/2C unshelled pistachios

- 1 can of tuna with a little mayo and relish

- 1 small slice of some banana/pineapple bread I made (just wanted to sample it)

6:40PM (Post-Workout)

- 26g chocolate pb whey with 1T brown sugar, 5g creatine & aprox. 3g glutamine


- A couple bowls of gumbo (mostly the protein and okra, not much rice)

- One slice of banana/pineapple bread with butter (this didn't turn out as good as I hoped so I won't be having anymore)



- 10x10 Heavy Swings with the 88lb bell (1 min rest between rounds)

- Mixed Tabatas x4 (Rest till full recovery. Right now that's about 4-5 minutes due to chest tightness)

  • Jumping Pullups/Balls Slams w/a 24lb ball
  • Box Jumps/Knees 2 Elbows (K2E)
  • Jump Rope/1/2 Snatch w/the 35 (could have gone heavier but tore a blister on my right hand)
  • Burpee Box Jumps using a 24in box

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