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Nutrition/Training Log: October 8, 2012


- Cup of warm water with 1T raw apple cider vinegar, a little lemon juice & a squirt of honey


- Veggie Scramble: 3 kale leaves; stem stripped, 3 sliced mushrooms, one small diced tomato & 3 xtra large eggs. Cooked in olive oil spray

- 2 big muffins from Albertsons...I succumbed to the cravings yesterday's goodie eating produced...d'oh!


- Big salad consisting of half a bag of Italian blend salad mix, 4 diced slices of ham, 4 diced slices of turkey, half an avocado, a boiled xtra large egg, a small handful of baby carrots, 3 sliced mushrooms, a sprinkling of mozz cheese & drizzled with buttermilk ranch


- 26g vanilla whey, 5g creatine, aprox. 3g glutamine, cinnamon (forgot the simple sugars!)


- Half of a thick porkchop

- Some red skinned mashed potatoes with butter & sour cream



- Barbell Front Squats w/100lbs 7x7-8 (1min rest between rounds)

- Ring Rows for 7x7-10

- Ring Pushups for 8x8

- Hindu Pushups for 7x8

- Bent KB Rows w/the 35s for 7x8

Finished with one Tabata set of jump rope

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