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Nutrition/Training Log: October 21-22, 2012


Oct: 21st

- Fasted until 1:20pm when I had a good helping of pork ribs. Followed by half a medium banana & a couple small slices of fresh pineapple. Around 5:45 I had some taco salad which consisted of a couple small handfuls of tortilla chips, seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce & ranch. Before bed I had a bowl of blue berry frosted mini wheats...

Oct: 22nd


- Cup of coffee with a little creamer


- Pancakes: Ground rolled barley, egg whites, unsweetened almond milk, vanilla whey, cinnamon & stevia. Topped with Greek yogurt mixed with slices strawberries. Drizzled with Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup


- 3 slices of deli ham & 3 slices of deli turkey wrapped around a smooshed wedge of lite laughing cow cheese


- Broccoli & cauliflower with reduced fat cheese, salt & pepper


- Smoked salmon mixed with a tiny spoonful of sour cream


- Half a scoop of vanilla whey + glutamine in unsweetened almond milk

- Raspberries


- Chocolate pb whey + glutamine + brown sugar


- Bunch of Italian blend salad mix, chicken, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato & ranch


- Cottage cheese with cinnamon, truvia, vanilla whey, chopped almonds & frozen blueberries. Nuked until warm


Oct. 21st:


- 5 snatches per arm w/the 35 at the top of one minute followed by 5 burpee box jumps on a 24in box at the top of the next. Repeat for 20 minutes

Oct. 22nd:


- Barbell Front Squats @ 110lbs for 6x6

- Hindu Pushups for 6x10-12

- DBL KB Bent Rows w/35s for 6x8-10

- Ring Rows for 6x10

- Ring Pushups for 6x8-10

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