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Nutrition/Training Log: October 18, 2012



- 1 big pancake: ground rolled barley, vanilla whey, egg whites, ground flax, cinnamon & unsweetened almond milk. Topped this with sliced strawberries mixed with greek yogurt and Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup


- A little greek yogurt with chocolate pb whey & cinnamon mixed in


- Big bowl of steamed broccoli & cauliflower with one light laughing cow cheese wedge, some grated low fat cheese, salt & pepper


- 25g of chocolate pb whey w/ unsweetened almond milk

- Raspberries


- A bunch of coleslaw mix, a bunch of sliced mushrooms, green bell pepper, fresh ginger, chicken breast all cooked in sesame seed oil & tossed with shirataki noodles. Seasoned with some salt, garlic salt & cayenne


- Cottage cheese with hand chopped plain almonds, cinnamon, truvia & frozen blueberries. Nuked until warm



- Barbell Front Squats w/105lbs for 6x6

- Hindu Pushups for 7x10-12

- DBL KB Bent Rows w/the 35s for 7x8-10

- Ring Pushups for 6x8

- Ring Rows for 7x10-12

- 5 rounds of Reverse Lunges w/the 26s at 30s on 30s off

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