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Nutrition/Training Log: October 15, 2012


I didn't keep track of times today, so I'll just list off what I ate in order.

- Pancakes: buckwheat flour, egg whites, almond milk, vanilla protein, stevia, ground flax & cinnamon. These were topped with greek yogurt mixed with sliced strawberries & stevia and a serving of Walden Farms no calorie chocolate syrup (the buckwheat was horrid...never again)

- A can of tuna with some dill relish

- A huge mix of steamed broccoli & cauliflower mixed with low fat sharp cheddar, seasoned with seasoning salt

- Pre-Workout: Chocolate PB whey & glutamine with water, blackberries

- Post-Workout: Chocolate PB whey & glutamine with water, sweet potato with cinnamon

- Low fat cottage cheese with chopped almonds, stevia, cinnamon & blueberries



- Barbell Front Squats @ 105lbs for 6x6-7

- Hindu Pushups for 6x10

- DBL KB Bent Rows w/35s for 6x8

- Ring Rows for 6x8

- Ring Pushups for 6x8

- Reverse Lunges with 2 35s for 5x30s on 30s off

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