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  • Went to Avengers (so totally awesome!) and didn't cheat on sugar detox.
  • Really struggling with not being hungry.
  • I've heard Rob Wolff say that this sort of nutrition is pretty much guaranteed to produce that effect. Guess it's true.
  • Energy level is pretty low too. Hopefully my workout at Idaho Kettlebells tomorrow will help kick start things.

  • Recovery day

Martial Arts:
  • Recovery Day

  • 8:00a - Noon:
    • 50g. Whey MRM All Natural Whey protein, cocoa
    • Black coffee
  • Noon - 4:00p:
    • Three chicken habenero sausages
    • Black coffee
  • 4:00p - 10:00p:
    • Five Oberto classics pepperoni (gluten & MSG free) (movie snack)
    • Several handfuls of marcona almonds (movie snack)
    • Tassos garlic & jalapeño stuffed olives
    • 50g. Whey MRM All Natural Whey protein, cocoa
    • 3g. Fish oil, 1.2g. Magnesium, 1g. Tribulus, 3g. Melatonin

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