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Daily Report for September 11, 2016

Daily Log
Breakfast 144
Egg, Large 2 Each 144
Lunch 611
Steak Fajitas, Homemade 1 Serving 311
Chips, Tortilla, White Corn, Santitas 2 Ounces 280
Salsa, Chunky 5 Tablespoons 20
Dinner 541
Fish, Coho Salmon, Wild, Cooked 5 Ounces 261
Artichokes, Globe, Medium 1 Each 60
Butter, Graziers Grass Fed Butter 2 Tablespoons 220
No nutrient data for: Fiber

Fat 64g 45%
Sodium 1573mg
Carbohydrates 87g 27%
Fiber 18g
Sugars 11g
Protein 89g 28%

I am unable to resist chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant (lunch). They didn't make me feel bad like wheat did.

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Comment by Jim B on September 12, 2016 at 2:39pm

Fajitas and corn chips! Pretty hard to resist the corn chips when you are making that stuff. I had to edit my log after I realized I'd forgotten a bag of chips yesterday!)

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