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July Nutrition/Bodyweight Exercise Challenge

July Fitness/Nutrition Challenge. 

Do not overthink this!
Eat ONLY meat, fish, eggs, raw nuts, and fresh produce. 
Drink ONLY water. 
(Reasonable amounts of condiments, like real butter, real sour cream, coconut oil, olive oil, vinegar, etc are allowed).

Supplements are OK, as long as they are not a primary source of nutrition or consumed as meal replacements. 

ONE cheat meal per week is allowed. Plan it and enjoy whatever you want. 

Bodyweight Exercise Minimum Quota: 
200 pullups per week
300 pushups
1,000 squats
-Break this up over as many days, into as many sets as needed. Do this as part of, or in addition to, your normal training. Don't overthink this! Just start doing reps. Feel free to do more.

ANY needed or reasonable modification of these exercises is permitted. 

Omission of any of these is OK for bonafide medical reasons (not just because you are sore or too busy. Suck it up).

Get creative and get moving. 

Please...I don't want to hear a single excuse from anyone. 

Either do it or choose not to. I only want to hear what you CAN do, not how hard this is, or hear reasons why you can't do any part of it.

-Jim Beaumont

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