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- Cup of coffee with the last tiny bit of creamer and some coconut milk


- 2 slices of bacon

- 2 eggs cooked in a little leftover bacon fat

- Slice of spelt bread with butter & cinnamon


- 4 small dried apple rings

- Can of yellowfin tuna mixed with ground pepper, grated sharp cheddar, mayo & sweet relish

- Bowl of cucumber & tomato slices seasoned with ground pepper & tossed with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar

- Handful of raw almonds


- 2 beef patties with a slice of sharp cheddar, a smear of mayo, ketchup & mustard

- 4 broccoli spears with butter & a light sprinkle of salt

7:00PM (Post-Workout)

- About 1/2C plain greek yogurt with peach slices & walnuts


- Beef patty with a fried egg, topped with Tapatio






- Double KB Front Squats: 1 set of 12 with the 26s, 4 sets of 10 with the 35s (4-1-2 tempo)

- Walking Lunges: 120 yards

- Romanian Deadlifts with 88lb bell: 5 sets of 10

- 100 Hindu Squats

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