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- Coffee with creamer


- Paleo Cereal: 1 chopped Gala apple, 6 peach slices, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon & unsweetened almond milk


- 4 egg cheddar omlette, cooked in butter, seasoned with ground pepper & topped with a whole roma tomato, sliced

- 1 slice of spelt bread with butter & cinnamon


This afternoon I let some personal issues get this best of me and I did some carb stuffing (some good sources, one bad)...Names of those carbs will be withheld...


7:30PM (Post-Workout)

-25g whey protein + 5g glutamine


- Hotdogs and Mac&Cheese leftover from the boys' dinner (yup, crapped on this day, too....*sigh*...)


* While I've let impulse eating and emotional eating get the best of me lately...I'm noticing that eating things that used to bring me comfort no longer have the mental "soothing" effect they used to. Sure they technically taste good, but the impact well...there isn't one. Unless you want to count the physical impact of either being nauseaous, tired or feeling "bla". Not to mention the guilt that comes after eating the garbage food. Apparently, I'm still a work in progress after all this time. But, I'm learning new things in the process.





- Snatches to warmup: 12 per arm with the 35lb bell

- Close Grip Pushups supersetted with Ring Pullups: 5 sets of 10/4

- Bench Dips: 6 sets of 12

- Curls with 15lb dumbbells: 5 sets of 12

- 5 laps around field

- About 20 more Snatches per arm with 26lb bell





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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on September 27, 2011 at 7:06am
That's a great analogy, Jim, thank you. I know I have more strength and focus than I have portrayed lately. I will get back on top.
Comment by Jim B on September 26, 2011 at 11:32pm
I don't know what to say, other than tomorrow is another day. It is kind of like being on a firing range. I knew shooters that used to get all uptight over a missed shot. I recall a great rangemaster saying that the shot is gone once it breaks, and there is no use stressing about it after it is gone. Just worry about the next shot. That is all you can do. Don't let stressing over the misses shake you up and affect your proper concentration on the basics to make the hits. 
Comment by Rachelle Lowder on September 26, 2011 at 9:48pm

While sugar may be losing it's hold, I still need to break the total connection. For my whole life (like all of us, I'm sure), if there were goodies, they were nibbled on like it was no big deal. So now, if they are around, out of habit I still want to reach for it. Knowing full well it's useless nutrition and the havoc they wreak on my body. Just because it's in my face, doesn't mean I HAVE to sample. One step at a time, right?!

And I'm really trying to not be too hard on myself, but because I feel I was doing so well for what felt like so long and now I'm tripping up left and right, it's hard not to get aggrivated.


You guys are awesome and I really appreciate the support. =)
Comment by Pam Benedick on September 26, 2011 at 9:27pm
I totally agree with what Brent said! You work stinkin hard and it shows!!! I too am an emotional eater and I know that this will always be a battle for me. Sometimes I just have to get myself out of the house to get away from those tempatations! Don't be too hard on yourself! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!
Comment by Brent Brown on September 26, 2011 at 9:09pm

It's great that the sugar is losing it's hold over you.  Sugar is just brutal. :-(


Even if you don't win every battle, your progress pics show that you are definitely winning the war! :-D

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