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- Coffee with creamer 


- Omlette: 3 farm fresh eggs, cooked in butter, with grated sharp cheddar, ground pepper & topped with fresh tomato slices


-Hamburger Salad: Beef patty seasoned with pepper on romaine with 3 thick tomato slices, 3 sliced mini dills, 3 thin slices of white onion, ketchup & mustard


- Half an apple with almond butter & raisins

6:45PM (Post-Workout)

- 25g Vanilla whey

- 1 Banana


- Bowl of cooked sliced zuchinni with 6 "zesty" meatballs





- Double KB Front Squats with the 35s: 5 sets of 12 with a 2-0-2 tempo (2 counts down, no pause, 2 counts up) 1 minute rest 

- Walking Lunges: 120 yards

- 100 Hindu Squats

- Hamstring Curls with Ball: 6 sets of 10 (30 second rest between sets)

- Romanian Deadlifts w/88lb bell: 5 sets of 10 (1 minute rest) Tried to keep the movement slow because of the lighter weight


* So tonight while at WinCo for bulk walnuts, dried apple slices and my "soy free" tuna, I saw "Dave's Killer Bread". There was a loaf of Spelt Seed bread. Apparently Spelt (not wheat) an ancestor to wheat and while it does contain gluten, it's supposed to be more agreeable to most people otherwise intolerable to wheat. It's all organic as well. Not that I'm trying to find an excuse to eat bread, but if this is well tolerated, I don't see a problem with having one slice each day.


Here are two sources to back me up. ;)


And answer number two on this question on Paleo Hacks

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