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Yesterday, my nutrition kinda went on a downward spiral after my 2nd meal (several large fudge dipped pretzels, Wendy's for supper). I also didn't do my burpees for the day. Frankly, I'm a little burnt out. Working out and maintaining a healthy body is tough and while you should strive to work hard, you should enjoy it as well. You should want to do it because it makes you look and feel good, not because you "have" to or because someone else expects you to. Needless to say, there hasn't been much enjoyment lately. I'm sure some of how I feel has to do with the recent rep challenges, them overlapping and trying to fit it all in on top of my normal training. Just a little overwhelmed I guess. I'm also not one who deals well with monotony. I strive on variety...




- Coffee withsugar-free syrup & half/half 

Meal 1:

- Protein Shake: 52g vanilla whey, cinnamon, half a banana, a packet of Midori Greens (a sample I got with a past iherb order), water, ice

- Handful of raw almonds

Meal 2:

- Small sliced Gala apple dipped in glob of PB mixed with cinnamon

Meal 3:

- Spicy pork rinds with nonfat cottage cheese

Meal 4:

- Chicken Salad: Fresh spinach, small chicken breast seasoned with Mrs Dash Southwestern Chipotle & oven baked, a sliced large roma tomato, 2 boiled eggs & a drizzle of Brianna's Ranch dressing

Meal 5 (Post-Workout):

- Small Gala apple

- 25g Vanilla whey

Meal 6:

- 1/2C nonfat cottage cheese with almond butter & cinnamon mixed in





- 6 Ladder Sets

  • 1,2,3,4 Single Presses with the 35 & the 44 Supersetted with:
  • 1,2,3,4 Pullups followed by 8 Burpees w/push-up

- An extra 8 Burpees w/push-up

(60 Presses, 60 Pullups & 200 Burpees total. I didn't do burpees yesterday)

I chose on my own to add the burpees and that workout thoroughly kicked my butt. I really needed it tho after being couped up for the last 4 days. I feel more refocused now, too.


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